[Track] Jodie Nicholson / Move

Pulsing repetitive synths and looping vocals might not be what we normally expect from Darlington’s Jodie Nicholson but on latest single Move she channels her inner Dodie with handsome dollops of Neko Case-esque production and Leeds’ Dilettante’s penchant for experimental musical structures. With a chilled but catchy beat comfortable at either end of the dance music spectrum Move also neatly lends itself to the region’s suddenly burgeoning electronic scene and all without losing that mid-era Stevie Nicks vibe that has underpinned Jodie’s sound so far.

Move is four minutes of raunchy and intoxicating electro-indie, as ethereal as it is pop but tethered by rhythm as it gently glides, a musical kite. As Jodie herself says, the track is “an organic, impulse driven song”. A depth and maturity to its scope and a brave change of musical direction for the singer that comes full circle with it’s repeat “welcome home” refrain to fade just as the track seems to be reaching a crescendo. Move is a lovely understatement of intent.

Move will be available on all the usual streaming sites from Friday September 18.

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