[Installation] Alan Hathaway / Where Have All The Good Times Gone? @ Pineapple Black 24/7 Window Gallery

As a metaphor for internet shopping and an antidote to the dark nights, Where Have All The Good Times Gone? reduces the shop window experience to a binary black and white one. Using wooden frames and fluorescent lighting the static monotone piece is a move away from the artist’s best known works in block colour but retains his unfinished non-objective theme unique to each space.
So, the 24/7 Window Gallery is transformed into something topical and accessible, but thought-provoking and charming. Less the reductive dystopia the artist originally envisioned but an optimistic awakening and exploration of alternative usage and thinking. The piece itself existing outside of the main gallery space.
Indeed, from a distance (main image) after closing time the piece becomes a reimagining of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks for the Amazon generation.
The work runs alongside Mountain Size, Contemporary British Painting in the main gallery as well as selected artists from the Fresh Award in the Changing Room Space. All three shows are on until 31st November.
Photos: artists own




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